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Challenge! December 10, 2009

Posted by yarnplaycafe in Business, Contest, Knitting.

This is a game of skill, my friends. Rise to the challenge and you shall win, for free, one of your choice of crafty project bags from my shop Yarn Play Café. Ready?

In the comment section, please enter something that you’d like to see printed on a project bag. It can be a little saucy, racy or rude. It can be sweet, sexy or subtle. Or funny. But above all, it must relate to crafting, knitting, yarn, fiber, crochet, etc. It also has to be short. (Have you see my bags? Not much space for long-winded jokes.)

This challenge will end on December 18 at midnight, and you can enter as many times as you’d like. The best of all entries (as judged by myself) will win. Please note that I may use your entry–even if it doesn’t win–on my bags! So go forth and deliberate. And thanks!
Yarn Snob



1. coco8199 - December 10, 2009

Oh my at the possibilities! hehe. I’ve got a ton of them running through my head. How about “Hookin’ For The Fun Of It” or ” Let me show you my balls”.

2. heather - December 10, 2009

My Yarn is Shy
No Naked Yarn
Sheep – only smaller
Have Yarn, Will Knit

Will think of more…

3. Kate - December 11, 2009


“Mine. Not yours.”
“My Balls”
“Contents: Patience”

4. Jennifer - December 13, 2009

Ball Sac

yarnplaycafe - December 13, 2009

Hah hahahhahah. I love that one. thanks!

5. Katerina - December 14, 2009

No – not knitting this for you!
yarn porn
Sanity in a bag

6. Darcy - December 14, 2009

Now this is a fun contest:) Hugs Darcy darcysknottyknitter@gmail.com
knotty knitter
Yarn Diva
Yarn Ho
Yarn Addict
Born to knit
Knitters Unite
Shut Up!! I’m Counting
Stitch n Bitch
Crafty monkey
Just One More Row!
Knit Happens
Made By Me
Happy Hooker
Santa Send More Yarn
Chick’s with Sticks

7. Julie - December 18, 2009

gituown (a shortened version of get your own)
mine.mine.mine. (from a toddler I know)
I’m a yarn baller
yes I knit
Have sticks, will knit
Will knit for yarn
I love balls
This is a knitting bag
I hate to purl

8. Julie - December 18, 2009

and another one….

giturown (I think this reads better than the earlier one I posted)

9. Robin - December 18, 2009

Ask me about my fiber intake.
Wouldn’t you like to know.
Yarn Love.
Wool Love.
Color Ho.

yarnplaycafe - January 1, 2010

Hi Robin! Sorry about that other reply. Please send your choice of bags to me at yarnplaycafe@gmail.com and I’ll mail it out to you immediately. Thanks again! Jen

10. veronica - December 19, 2009

fiber fetish
needles & hooks
yarn pron
purl girl

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