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Big order! March 7, 2010

Posted by yarnplaycafe in Business, Knitting, Wholesale, Yarn.

So I’m not a great blogger. Which is kind of funny…because I’m a writer. I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, actually, and have held many a job writing. Lately I’ve been freelancing as it offers more flexibility in the schedule with young children. But blogging. There’s just something about writing from the heart that is a big step for me.

Moving on…in YPC shop news: I delivered my first wholesale order on Friday to my LYS, The Sow’s Ear. It consisted of 30 bags and looked like this:

They said they’re planning to take some to the Madison Knitters Guild meeting Monday night, so hopefully that will go well. I’ve been dying to become a member of the Guild again, after not being a member for three years. I happen to be sending a child to preschool whose parent-run board meets monthly on the same night and same, exact time as the Knitters Guild meetings. How is that for awful luck? I know, I don’t have to be on the board of the preschool, but I am. Said child is scheduled to attend Kindergarten this coming Fall, so I’ll join the Guild again this year. Hooray!

While I was at The Sow’s Ear, of course I couldn’t leave without buying some of Jeanette‘s delicious yarn:

Sun Valley Fiber Farm MCN Lace in Kermit

Isn’t it gorgeous? I am so thankful that I can pop into my LYS and buy this type of gem. Jeanette is also going to be vending at the Knitters Guild meeting Monday night. See what you are missing by not living in Madison, Wisconsin? (To say nothing of the mild winter this year, of course.)

Meanwhile, I just ordered some new, fun bags for the shop. I can’t wait to get them in so I can show you. Keep checking back–I hope to have another post in a week announcing them.



1. Paige - March 7, 2010

Right, woman, I must get me one of your bags posthaste when I get back to America, those are brill. Though I hope the new bags have pockets in? Just a couple…

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