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About Yarn Play Café

Hi there. It’s Jen. (Yeah, that narrows it down a *lot*, doesn’t it?) I’ve been knitting since 2000, and absolutely love it. Never before could I stick with a hobby, but I seem to have found my calling. It’s also perfect for me because I attract clutter and mayhem. Convinced I have the equivalent of Knitting ADD, I’m very project-fickle and end up having quite a few projects in bags, which is where the idea of creating custom knitting bags was born.

Thanks for reading! Take a look at my Etsy Shop “Yarn Play Café” while you’re at it.



1. Annemarie - May 13, 2010

Hi there!

I have a blog about knitting and crochet, and I’d love to mention your blog and Etsy store on it. I especially would like to mention the bags you sell. I love them! Do you mind if I use a picture of one of the bags you make so people can see on my blog why they definitely should visit yours? (-:


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