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Tales of wool and sheep. September 10, 2010

Posted by yarnplaycafe in Everyday Life, Knitting.

It has been about two years since I’ve been to a fiber festival. I had forgotten how intoxicating it can be. Thankfully, I was by myself today when I ventured 45 minutes away to the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival in Jefferson, Wis, because I took a lot of funny photos and sniffed a lot of yarn. Apologies for the photo-laden post!
Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival

Wisconsin Sheep & Wool FestivalThe Country Store Barns filled with a *lot* of yarn, roving and fiber-related stuff.

Briar Rose Fibers boothThe Briar Rose Fibers booth, where I bought this:

Briar Rose Fibers Grandma's Blessing“Grandma’s Blessing” – 600+ yards of sportweight wool

Sun Valley Fibers boothSun Valley Fibers booth, owned & operated by my knitting friend Jeanette, where I bought this:

Sun Valley Fibers MCN LaceMCN Lace (although it’s like a fingering) in Glacier Blue

I also dropped  off two Yarn Play Café bags for the Silent Auction to benefit the Midwest Shetland Sheep Breeders Association. A fiber festival day is a great day for sure.


Inspiration. And fun. August 31, 2010

Posted by yarnplaycafe in Everyday Life.

Just a regular day here...Just what, really, can a person say about a car covered in leopard print and red, fuzzy carpet? We saw this lovely number in the parking lot of our healthcare provider’s office. A woman got out, took a few mats from the trunk and went inside. Maybe she’s a yoga instructor? I really enjoy speculating. Most of all, I love that our city, Madison, Wisconsin, is unexpected.