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Happy Birthday to Me. November 9, 2010

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Well, it’s not my birthday, it’s my store’s birthday. And it was yesterday. However, events from the weekend spilled over into yesterday, making it impossible to get on with the business of picking a random person for the giveaway! Thankfully, although my husband’s successful business trip to Singapore culminated in a trip to the ER the day he got home, he’s much better today.

So on with it already.

The Giveaway Winner is Thea! She blogs at BabyCocktails. Thank you so much for all of your kind comments. I was overwhelmed by them and so happy to be among such a supportive fiber arts community.

iKnit messenger Bag at Yarn Play CaféiKnit Messenger


Luxury Knitting September 22, 2010

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My husband and I were fortunate to receive tickets to see last weekend’s football game here (Badgers vs. Sun Devils), and the tickets were in a luxury box. My husband thought knitting was probably not a good idea, so I didn’t bring any. But hark, what’s that…the next box over?
That’s the last time I listen to him when it comes to knitting.

Ah summer. June 20, 2010

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Why yes, I did disappear from my blog there for a bit. I tend to do that when I get overwhelmed. And a little speechless. In my (other) professional life, I’m a writer (most types!) and in April I started working part time again, but I think that gig is wrapping up soon. More  time for bags and blogging! I do so love writing, but it can be consuming.

This weekend it was perfect weather to eat dinner on our screened-in porch. Which is when we noticed a cardinal had built a nest in the tall bushes right up next to the screen. I couldn’t get a good photo through the screen, so I braved the overgrown bushes to get one. It’s difficult to tell, but there are five eggs in the nest. They are blue speckled with brown.

Cardinal nest with eggs

Back to knitting… April 13, 2010

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One might think all I do is pump out bags. But  no. I do spend probably at least one hour a day knitting, sometimes more. I actually have more time to knit during the warmer months than in colder months, because my children play outside and I sit outside and knit while they play.

Recently I finished a knit for our daughter. It’s the In Threes Cardigan, and I made the largest size, although I made it longer for more room to grow. It took about 440 yards (two skeins of 3ply 100purewool merino.) What a fun knit! And I dyed the yarn myself with Koolaid, too.

In Threes

In Threes

Busy, Busy January 9, 2010

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Hi there! This new year is starting off very well indeed. I have two young children and for the past seven years have mostly stayed home with them, occasionally taking a freelance writing assignment now and then. However in September, my old employer called me–they were swamped and needed help in the office. So I went back to work, part time, working anywhere between 15 and 20 hours a week in the mornings as a marketing copywriter. It was a lot of fun, and mostly I’m still very happy to know that I have the ability to come up with fresh, creative ideas and good copy.

It was during that same time that I developed my Yarn Play Café project bag. So things have been a bit hectic. However, my old employer hired some new full-time writers (yes, they asked me, but I don’t want to work full time just yet) and I think my gig there is just about ending. Which means more time for knitting, kids and bags! (not in that order, friends.)

My 3rd Lace Ribbon Scarf

In the meantime, I finished up a WIP that was languishing since last July. I had started it on our road trip to the New Jersey Shore. And finished it in polar opposite weather. This is the Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty. It’s actually the third one of these I have knit. I usually don’t knit patterns over and over again, but this is my go-to portable knitting project, apparently. The other two I made were as gifts, but I’m keeping this one. I love it so. The color is just beautiful.

My 3rd Lace Ribbon Scarf

Winner & New Year January 1, 2010

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Thanks for all the thoroughly enjoyable entries in the blog challenge. It was hard to pick one! But I chose “Yarn Love” submitted by Robin. Robin, please choose a bag from my shop and email me with your choice and your address and I’ll send it off to you shortly! Thanks for all of your wonderful, creative ideas everyone.

In truth, I had planned to write this blog post much, much earlier, but life has gotten in the way again! First there was Christmas and then my family has been pretty sick, one right after the other. I’m hopeful for what the new year will bring, however.

Like a lot of people, last night I was thinking about where I was 10 years ago. My husband and I had been married for almost three years, and we were living in Raleigh, NC, planning a move to Madison, WI, for grad school. My husband was a computer programmer at the time, working on the Y2K “problem” with banks, so our fingers were crossed that night in more ways than one that the banking system would not collapse. Twenty-four days after that New Year’s Day, we would be dumped on with 22 inches of snow, and homebound for two weeks.

Thanks for all of your encouragement with my small business. It has been so great meeting people and fun making bags. May you have a healthy and happy 2010.