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Fresh Knits, New Bag February 6, 2011

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By far, the most exciting thing at Yarn Play Café store is that I’ve added a new accessories pouch. It’s so cute, if I do say so myself. And very handy. It’s made of 10-ounce cotton canvas and resists pokey scissors, needles and is a great size for still being able to find your stitch markers at the bottom. Get one of these in stock or have one customized for you!

And in the midst of the Great Blizzard, I finished a wonderful knit that I’ve been wearing ’round to keep me toasty: Cassis

Made with cozy Berroco Ultra Alpaca in the “Candy Floss” colorway.

My one word of advice for struggling through winter: Enjoy it because soon enough people will be complaining that it’s too hot to knit!


Free Shipping Day December 16, 2010

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Happy December! Things have been busy in the shop and with knitting, too. Later in November, I busted out a scarf for my younger sister’s birthday. I just adore feather and fan (this is Tiennie‘s Old Shale pattern with no modifications) and this scarf went very quickly.

The biggest current news, I think, is that I’m participating in Free Shipping Day tomorrow! You can see all the Etsy stores that are participating, and find yourself or your loved ones a one-of-a-kind bargain for the holiday season. Visit Yarn Play Café any time tomorrow and get free shipping in the United States. No coupon necessary.

Free Shipping Day

Long & cozy November 17, 2010

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I suppose because I had quickly posted it on Facebook, I forgot to update the blog with my most recent knitting accomplishment: a long Central Park Hoodie. And big thanks to friend Heidi for cheering me on; there were a few points at which I was sure this sweater was going to look like a housecoat.

Thankfully, it doesn’t (much.) I love it a lot, although I haven’t been able to wear it much yet, surprisingly enough. We’ve had a fabulous, warm fall and are very appreciative of it. Although when it snows, I am ready. You can visit my project on Ravelry here.

Luxury Knitting September 22, 2010

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My husband and I were fortunate to receive tickets to see last weekend’s football game here (Badgers vs. Sun Devils), and the tickets were in a luxury box. My husband thought knitting was probably not a good idea, so I didn’t bring any. But hark, what’s that…the next box over?
That’s the last time I listen to him when it comes to knitting.

Tales of wool and sheep. September 10, 2010

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It has been about two years since I’ve been to a fiber festival. I had forgotten how intoxicating it can be. Thankfully, I was by myself today when I ventured 45 minutes away to the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival in Jefferson, Wis, because I took a lot of funny photos and sniffed a lot of yarn. Apologies for the photo-laden post!
Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival

Wisconsin Sheep & Wool FestivalThe Country Store Barns filled with a *lot* of yarn, roving and fiber-related stuff.

Briar Rose Fibers boothThe Briar Rose Fibers booth, where I bought this:

Briar Rose Fibers Grandma's Blessing“Grandma’s Blessing” – 600+ yards of sportweight wool

Sun Valley Fibers boothSun Valley Fibers booth, owned & operated by my knitting friend Jeanette, where I bought this:

Sun Valley Fibers MCN LaceMCN Lace (although it’s like a fingering) in Glacier Blue

I also dropped  off two Yarn Play Café bags for the Silent Auction to benefit the Midwest Shetland Sheep Breeders Association. A fiber festival day is a great day for sure.

Custom. August 24, 2010

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Well! After having a busy August with a mostly wonderful vacation to the New Jersey shore, I’m back at it. Of course I never stopped knitting, I just stopped making and shipping bags for a few weeks there. I even knit at the beach, which can be tricky.

When I got back, I was quick at work making a custom order for Nancy:

And I’m adding new bags to the store daily now! Come take a look.

Love yarn.

I can’t stop striping. August 1, 2010

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Noro Striped ScarfYes, this is a popular project in Ravelry, and now I, too, know why. I’d been planning to try this scarf for some time, and then a local yarn store had a few skeins of Noro Silk Garden in its sale bin and we were off. This one is for a gift.

Non-Noro Striped ScarfThen, I happened to notice a new yarn on the shelves, Lang Tosca Light. Well. This has subtle color changes that more suit my aesthetic, so after I finished the Noro Striping Scarf, I started on this one.  Believe it or not, I actually bought another skein of this in browns to stripe with an off-white to match another fall/spring coat…

Lang Tosca LightAt what point does this become totally crazy? I’m still enjoying the second scarf, believe it or not! Stripes galore.

Crafty Bitch

I just added a few more bags to the store. Over the next few weeks, shipping may slow down a bit, so please be aware that if you order, I may be contacting you to make you aware of a delay. If that’s not OK with you, I’ll promptly refund your money. I like for everyone to be happy with my products and service, dontcha know. Happy Summer!

Back to knitting… April 13, 2010

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One might think all I do is pump out bags. But  no. I do spend probably at least one hour a day knitting, sometimes more. I actually have more time to knit during the warmer months than in colder months, because my children play outside and I sit outside and knit while they play.

Recently I finished a knit for our daughter. It’s the In Threes Cardigan, and I made the largest size, although I made it longer for more room to grow. It took about 440 yards (two skeins of 3ply 100purewool merino.) What a fun knit! And I dyed the yarn myself with Koolaid, too.

In Threes

In Threes

Big order! March 7, 2010

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So I’m not a great blogger. Which is kind of funny…because I’m a writer. I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, actually, and have held many a job writing. Lately I’ve been freelancing as it offers more flexibility in the schedule with young children. But blogging. There’s just something about writing from the heart that is a big step for me.

Moving on…in YPC shop news: I delivered my first wholesale order on Friday to my LYS, The Sow’s Ear. It consisted of 30 bags and looked like this:

They said they’re planning to take some to the Madison Knitters Guild meeting Monday night, so hopefully that will go well. I’ve been dying to become a member of the Guild again, after not being a member for three years. I happen to be sending a child to preschool whose parent-run board meets monthly on the same night and same, exact time as the Knitters Guild meetings. How is that for awful luck? I know, I don’t have to be on the board of the preschool, but I am. Said child is scheduled to attend Kindergarten this coming Fall, so I’ll join the Guild again this year. Hooray!

While I was at The Sow’s Ear, of course I couldn’t leave without buying some of Jeanette‘s delicious yarn:

Sun Valley Fiber Farm MCN Lace in Kermit

Isn’t it gorgeous? I am so thankful that I can pop into my LYS and buy this type of gem. Jeanette is also going to be vending at the Knitters Guild meeting Monday night. See what you are missing by not living in Madison, Wisconsin? (To say nothing of the mild winter this year, of course.)

Meanwhile, I just ordered some new, fun bags for the shop. I can’t wait to get them in so I can show you. Keep checking back–I hope to have another post in a week announcing them.

My Funny Valentine February 5, 2010

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In the shop as of now…
Valentine's Day?