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I know, right? November 18, 2010

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Going a little crazy here with blog posts this week! Hold on to your hats–here’s another one.

Today, my third day home with a sick daughter, we were photographing bags for a shop update, and she was cold, so I put her Helena sweater on her. I knit this two years ago and it fits so well now. So we took some updated, sassified photos for the Ravelry project entry.




















Real sick, isn’t she? 😉


Veterans’ Day November 11, 2010

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Today is almost over, but I had to acknowledge Veterans’ Day. My father is a veteran of the Vietnam War. Three years ago I wrote this post, and I’m happy to report that earlier this week I did find Veterans’ Day cards at Walgreens. So maybe things are improving? I sure hope so. Because no matter how you feel about war, there are people who deserve to have their sacrifice honored.

First there were five. July 1, 2010

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I believe I counted five eggs. But…now there are two birds. I wonder if bird moms count on some attrition? Anyway, they are tiny little things.
Brand New Birds

I also posted a few new fun bags for summer! Perfect for beach knitting or pool knitting or park knitting or…you get the idea.

Knit Love!Visit the store to see these and much more!

Check it out! April 7, 2010

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In a former life, I used to know how to stir up some buzz. I guess I haven’t lost that ability entirely…

Coming soon to your local yarn store: Knitscene Easy, a special issue of Knitscene, published by Interweave Knits

Knitscene Easy

Hey, that’s a Yarn Play Café tote bag!

Bag by moi

Also mentioned in Knitty, Crochet Today and Interweave Crochet in coming months…

GOT WOOL. March 26, 2010

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On the sage advice of a knitting group member the other night, yesterday I worked up a bag that is an ode the finest fiber. Well, I know that’s subjective…GOT WOOL.Available in the store right now!

New Bag March 13, 2010

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I promised new bags, and here’s a new bag! (There are two more new styles to come, so if you don’t like this one, stay tuned.)
You know who you are...This stylish dark denim cotton bag is big enough for all your projects, large and small. It fits ten 100-gram skeins easily with room for your pattern and accessories, too. The fabric is soft but sturdy, a 12-ounce weight cotton denim.

Measurements: 15 in wide, 15.5 in tall, 3.5 in deep, handle drops 11 inches
Fabric: heavy, soft denim
No interior pockets

Buy it here!

On a Feeling February 9, 2010

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Well, I’m writing this today not having ventured even a foot out the door. Really. Even my husband brought in the mail. It’s snowing, but not dangerously so. I just feel cozy inside. And I’m trying to come up with creative sayings for crochet project bags. Here’s my second try:


Busy, Busy January 9, 2010

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Hi there! This new year is starting off very well indeed. I have two young children and for the past seven years have mostly stayed home with them, occasionally taking a freelance writing assignment now and then. However in September, my old employer called me–they were swamped and needed help in the office. So I went back to work, part time, working anywhere between 15 and 20 hours a week in the mornings as a marketing copywriter. It was a lot of fun, and mostly I’m still very happy to know that I have the ability to come up with fresh, creative ideas and good copy.

It was during that same time that I developed my Yarn Play Café project bag. So things have been a bit hectic. However, my old employer hired some new full-time writers (yes, they asked me, but I don’t want to work full time just yet) and I think my gig there is just about ending. Which means more time for knitting, kids and bags! (not in that order, friends.)

My 3rd Lace Ribbon Scarf

In the meantime, I finished up a WIP that was languishing since last July. I had started it on our road trip to the New Jersey Shore. And finished it in polar opposite weather. This is the Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty. It’s actually the third one of these I have knit. I usually don’t knit patterns over and over again, but this is my go-to portable knitting project, apparently. The other two I made were as gifts, but I’m keeping this one. I love it so. The color is just beautiful.

My 3rd Lace Ribbon Scarf