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Something new for Halloween. September 6, 2010

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Just yesterday inspiration knocked me about the head. Well, not really, but I was working with my lightweight bag, marveling at how much it can carry and how light it is, thinking…”This would be a great bag for trick-or-treating for my kids.” Voila.
Trick or Treat with Fun TotesThey had a great time taking these photos. After all, we live in a place where normally one almost always needs to wear a coat or at least several layers involving fleece underneath Halloween costumes. I can remember one Halloween when we experienced 80-degree weather, but we were visiting relatives in New Jersey!

Trick or Treat with Fun TotesThese tote bags are up in the store RIGHT NOW and I have plans for more, my friends.


Inspiration. And fun. August 31, 2010

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Just a regular day here...Just what, really, can a person say about a car covered in leopard print and red, fuzzy carpet? We saw this lovely number in the parking lot of our healthcare provider’s office. A woman got out, took a few mats from the trunk and went inside. Maybe she’s a yoga instructor? I really enjoy speculating. Most of all, I love that our city, Madison, Wisconsin, is unexpected.

Custom. August 24, 2010

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Well! After having a busy August with a mostly wonderful vacation to the New Jersey shore, I’m back at it. Of course I never stopped knitting, I just stopped making and shipping bags for a few weeks there. I even knit at the beach, which can be tricky.

When I got back, I was quick at work making a custom order for Nancy:

And I’m adding new bags to the store daily now! Come take a look.

Love yarn.

I can’t stop striping. August 1, 2010

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Noro Striped ScarfYes, this is a popular project in Ravelry, and now I, too, know why. I’d been planning to try this scarf for some time, and then a local yarn store had a few skeins of Noro Silk Garden in its sale bin and we were off. This one is for a gift.

Non-Noro Striped ScarfThen, I happened to notice a new yarn on the shelves, Lang Tosca Light. Well. This has subtle color changes that more suit my aesthetic, so after I finished the Noro Striping Scarf, I started on this one.  Believe it or not, I actually bought another skein of this in browns to stripe with an off-white to match another fall/spring coat…

Lang Tosca LightAt what point does this become totally crazy? I’m still enjoying the second scarf, believe it or not! Stripes galore.

Crafty Bitch

I just added a few more bags to the store. Over the next few weeks, shipping may slow down a bit, so please be aware that if you order, I may be contacting you to make you aware of a delay. If that’s not OK with you, I’ll promptly refund your money. I like for everyone to be happy with my products and service, dontcha know. Happy Summer!

First there were five. July 1, 2010

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I believe I counted five eggs. But…now there are two birds. I wonder if bird moms count on some attrition? Anyway, they are tiny little things.
Brand New Birds

I also posted a few new fun bags for summer! Perfect for beach knitting or pool knitting or park knitting or…you get the idea.

Knit Love!Visit the store to see these and much more!

Ah summer. June 20, 2010

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Why yes, I did disappear from my blog there for a bit. I tend to do that when I get overwhelmed. And a little speechless. In my (other) professional life, I’m a writer (most types!) and in April I started working part time again, but I think that gig is wrapping up soon. More  time for bags and blogging! I do so love writing, but it can be consuming.

This weekend it was perfect weather to eat dinner on our screened-in porch. Which is when we noticed a cardinal had built a nest in the tall bushes right up next to the screen. I couldn’t get a good photo through the screen, so I braved the overgrown bushes to get one. It’s difficult to tell, but there are five eggs in the nest. They are blue speckled with brown.

Cardinal nest with eggs

Back to knitting… April 13, 2010

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One might think all I do is pump out bags. But  no. I do spend probably at least one hour a day knitting, sometimes more. I actually have more time to knit during the warmer months than in colder months, because my children play outside and I sit outside and knit while they play.

Recently I finished a knit for our daughter. It’s the In Threes Cardigan, and I made the largest size, although I made it longer for more room to grow. It took about 440 yards (two skeins of 3ply 100purewool merino.) What a fun knit! And I dyed the yarn myself with Koolaid, too.

In Threes

In Threes

Check it out! April 7, 2010

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In a former life, I used to know how to stir up some buzz. I guess I haven’t lost that ability entirely…

Coming soon to your local yarn store: Knitscene Easy, a special issue of Knitscene, published by Interweave Knits

Knitscene Easy

Hey, that’s a Yarn Play Café tote bag!

Bag by moi

Also mentioned in Knitty, Crochet Today and Interweave Crochet in coming months…

GOT WOOL. March 26, 2010

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On the sage advice of a knitting group member the other night, yesterday I worked up a bag that is an ode the finest fiber. Well, I know that’s subjective…GOT WOOL.Available in the store right now!

Whee! Zipper! March 19, 2010

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I just added a new bag to the store. This a heavy-weight cotton tote bag with a ZIPPER!
Now With a Zipper!It measures a generous 17 inches wide by 14 inches tall and 3.75 inches deep with handles that drop about 11 inches. If you like this style, let me know. (This specific one is in the store right now!)